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I'm Lasse Gejl, a senior product designer and builder based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

I help companies big and small create
digital products that impact business and delight customers.

Previously, I co-founded car sharing platform GoMore, and did corporate innovation in curious organizations.

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Experience ✨

RE: Venture Developer / Partner 2023-____
PNO Head of Product 2018-2022
Supergejl Product Designer / Investor 2016-____
Flaym Founder 2017-2021
YourLocal Board Member / Investor 2016-2021
LEO Innovation Lab Product Designer 2016-2018
GoMore CPO / Co-founder 2011-2016
Mailr Owner 2011-2013
Anybite Co-founder 2009-2011
nam nam design Freelance Webdesigner 2004-2014

+ freelance clients e.g. eBay, Delta, Trifork, Klean, MediaWatch, Version2, Lokalebasen, CBS, GoPublish, Kvadrat,, Nordija, Scenario Magazine,, Børn i Byen, Alpentravel, Eventzonen.

Recommendations 🙏

A bunch of kind people took time out to praise my previous efforts.

Lasse is a goal oriented, problem solving, focused product manager on a new level. He possesses a vast and extensive knowledge both on a business analysis, UI/UX, Frontend and PM level. Lasse is a great and valued sparring partner on problem solving ideas, innovation and opportunities, and always have a drive to move forward.
— Bjørn Jacobsen Visilion Product & Development @ Sony
Lasse has a very strong ability to focus on the things that have crucial impact with the ability to be extremely effective on execution/deliveries.
— Jacob Lee Ørnstrand Group CEO @ PNO
Lasse has been a key player in designing and scoping the development of PNOs new digital platform. Today PNO runs most of its business processes in an efficient and scalable way supporting PNOs overall growth journey.
— Thomas Rimington CFO @ PNO
Lasse is a smart, fact oriented, out of the box thinking and fantastic person who always challenges and helps others to make sure they have considered all aspects of the goal they are trying to achieve. By always thinking one step ahead, he assures a productive dialogue when talking to other stakeholders.
— Tim van der Roest COO @ Vlastuin Group / D-TEC
Lasse is one of those rare and hyper-productive unicorns that can build and push through technology solutions at an extremely high speed and quality at the same time. Lasse has an excellent and broad understanding of building products and companies from a commercial, UX, technology perspective and beyond. In addition, Lasse is an honest, direct, and fun person to work with.
— Søren Finnemann Viuff CGO / Founder @ Openli
Lasse is a great talent who has earned my respect on numerous aspects both as a designer, developer (business & product) and investor. He is a no BS kind of guy that gets the job done with a keen attention to detail and extensive technical knowledge.
— Christina Høgh Selmer Kirk CEO / Co-founder @ DUSK
I have rarely if ever come across someone who can turn words into digital action with as much momentum as Lasse. He has a strong intuition for what users want and a genuine curiosity to understand what they need. Combine this with zero fear of failure and you have an engine for rapid iterations, improvements and growth. His dedication to true progress completely uncontaminated by ego makes everyone want to work harder.
— Morten Remmer CDO / CMO @ Puori
Lasse is a all-around Champion and a significant reason for GoMore becoming a household brand in Denmark and beyond. He has a strong sixth sense on how to build great online products and make them look and feel perfect. Furthermore Lasse has a great commercial understanding also and thus is able to build products that makes business!
— Rasmus Hellmund Carlsen CMO @ Flatpay
Through his great level of engagement, exceptional talent and thorough business understanding Lasse has a unique ability to continuously come up with the best solutions and improve the quality of the product. Above and beyond this, Lasse is a warm and humorous person who is an absolute joy to collaborate with.
— Mette Wind Meyhoff Junior Producer @ Zentropa
Lasse has a great sense for user value and functionality, and even if we were a small team for a long time we managed to consistently put great products and features on the market. This accomplishment to a large extend is the result of Lasse's ability to focus on the right things and being fast in finding solutions.
— Matias Møl Dalsgaard CEO @ GoMore
Lasse's design work is second to none. But what's even more valuable is his willingness to play devil's advocate and pick apart ideas / business models. When you hire Lasse to do web development, be aware that you're also getting an intelligent sounding board for your business idea/concept.
— Jim Pannell Technical Director / Co-founder @ Inteachers
Working with Lasse is a pleasure, not only because of his attention to detail, but also because of his attitude of never being afraid to ask the difficult questions. Once the project is in progress, you will find that his solutions are rock solid and never out of scope. Simply brilliant.
— Martin Michael Frederiksen Entrepreneur / Author

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